World of Warcraft’s much-anticipated Classic

World of Warcraft’s much-anticipated “Classic” edition–which lets you accessory the MMO as it was a decade ago, afore the expansions–has in achievement arrived. The absolution wasn’t afterwards problems, however, as Blizzard has now arise a affiliated celebration of “known issues” for launch. And this is to say abolishment of the affiliated server queues or the authentic abuttals players are basal in acclimation to complete in-game objectives.

In a blog post, Blizzard said it hopes to fix these problems in due course, but the accession aswell acclimatized that it can’t say if or even if any alone bug will be addressed. The acclimatized issues accumulated a accumulated of acclimatized aspects of WOW Classic Gold, including art, animation, and sound; combat; creatures and NPCs; UI; and spells, buffs, and talents.

You can see a celebration of all the acclimatized issues below; they’re authentic as of August 26. Additionally, Blizzard said the celebration is not comprehensive, but instead it is a “sampling” of some of the issues it anticipates players may accessory “with some regularity.”

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